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ADCE Greatness Challenge 2022:«THE CAMINO COLLECTION»

14.11.2022 10:16

The Greatness Challenge is an amazing opportunity for young professional creatives to sit in as part of the international jury of the prestigious ADCE Awards. Each year the ADCE proposes a “creative challenge” and its successful completion, ensures each young professional a seat in the jury. National teams are asked to design and execute a creative crowdfunding campaign that would supply them with the necessary funds to travel to and stay in Barcelona coinciding with the celebration of the ADCE Awards.

Support our Swiss Team, Isabelle Benz (Rod Kommunikation) and Katharina Binder (TBWA\ Switzerland). To crowdfund their trip, they wanted to create something that tells their story, outlasts their journey, and most importantly – gives their supporters a piece of them that lasts forever with: «THE CAMINO COLLECTION»

While Isa & Katha's interest in what’s the difference between the Trust-Wallet and Panthom-Wallet, or Open-Sea and Seoul-Sea could not be less (sorry NFT people), they anyways decided that turn their personal creative relationship to each other in to carefully illustrated NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN would be a funny way to manifest their journey to Barcelona.

«THE CAMINO COLLECTION» is the story of how they met, what they do, and their beloved pets – all those held in ten unique, lovingly illustrated images that make them: a digital Art collection sold as NFTs.

Check out the campaign and support Isa and Katha: «THE CAMINO COLLECTION»

Isabelle Benz & Katharina Binder