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Waiting Wins (Ambient)

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Kategorie Creative Media
Unterkategorie Ambient



Much heavier traffic during holidays, lack of air traffic controllers, overcrowded airports, strikes... A course of events that naturally leads to flight delays, known as a universal pain point for travellers. Needless to say, it is during this period that delays accumulate the most at airports and become a source of frustration and anger. So how do we shift from irritating and annoying situations to positive ones ? How do we transform travellers’ waiting time into a pure moment of entertainment ? With "Waiting Wins", it is time to turn your delay into a win !


During this summer, CANAL+ has launched "Waiting Wins", a creative data activation in the heart of Geneva airport. In real time, all flight data is collected by the Airport and sent to the "Waiting Wins" platform which detects and analyses all delayed flights… Then it broadcasts targeted messages related to passengers waiting times at all relevant boarding gates. To download the top notch contents, passengers only need to go to the "Waiting Wins" platform and enter their flight numbers. It only takes a few seconds to check flight data... then it generates an access code matching the length of the passenger’s delay to offer him tailored content for free.


More than 37% of passengers affected by a delay participated in the offer which increased the subscriptions of 180% over the period. In addition, CANAL+ contents have been viewed 60 times more than usual. It also has been said - according to unofficial sources - that the tension with the airline stuff due to plane delays has decreased by 300%. This is the magic of entertainment!


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